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August 26th 1990 Kelsey Durelle Stacker was born in Wyandotte county of Kansas City Kansas. He lived the average life of a child within a gang infested drug ridden neighborhood.. With a father in and out of prison and a mother focused on putting food in the bellies of her 3 children... Kelsey began to become attracted to the streets. Usually a quiet person he always managed to be the center of attention. He got involved in the gang lifeat the age of 12 and became dedicated to making money for his own selfish reasons... Inevitably he was becoming his father in a sense even though he has only met him twice. Robbing.. Drug sales.. Carjackings..kidnapping..he was the epitome of a criminal.. By the age 18 he was incarcerated for a homicide and sentenced to 120 months. While on the inside he began to discover what a monster he had been to the people that meant the most to him. He started writing letters and poetry to try and express his sorrow to these people. He soon discovered that he had a way with words and began using that to his advantage.. He has always loved music because listening to people like tupac always made him feel like he had a soul beneath the surface.. He now composes music of his own to reach the souls that know the struggle.. And to provide a glimpse of a world to those who only hear about or see such dramas on t.v.