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Sinister Minded Music

Home of Wicked Wayz, Tapewerm, Ez SixoSix

and Allen "Fame" Phoenix

New Video From Wicked Wayz and Fame Titled

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Wicked Wayz


Devil Boy aka Wicked Wayz

Chief Executive Officer

Devil boy 

Wicked Wayz

Devil Boy is Wicked Wayz

C.E.O / Artist

Fresh off a 9 year prison sentence, Wicked Wayz Is Devil Boy hailing from Wyandotte County in Kansas City, KS, creator of that glow show in this rap game and with The INVISABLE Face paint and his lyrical Content he is sure to give the Fam what they want.. in 2oo7 Devil Formed WICKED WAYZ with his (Former Group Member who has decided to leave Group), a Powerhouse Squad that as Risen above all Standards that Others have set, to Accomplish alot in the short time they have had... Since he Split Devil has Went off to Drop a Solo Project, go on two national tours, do over 150 shows from coast to coasts...., played the gathering numerous times and much more. In 2012 wicked wayz took home three awards from the kansas city entertainment awards being the best new artist of the year, promoter of the year with his company Rhymedotte ent and best new record label with his other company Rhymedotte Recordz / Sinister minded music..

Its WIcked Wayz til the end of Dayz.....

Allen "Fame" Phoenix


Why is Allen Phoenix so sick? Allen Phoenix AKA FAME is a misfit poet who could never really find his true audience. With so much frustration and misunderstanding in his life he fell hard and fast for Grace, the woman he made his bride. His love for her evolved into an unhealthy obsession and their relationship was extremely toxic. One night she betrayed him in a sickening way. Allen's reaction to her betrayal left him with a 51 month prison sentence and enough angry inspiration to write 666 16's. His hate was an inferno that burned him to ashes but his rise is imminent. This time he seeks redemption and revenge against those who have crossed him. This is the story of Allen Phoenix AKA Fire At My Enemies. 

Ez SixoSix


Born in the small town of maysville, KY found the love of music at an early age. He began dubbing over instrumental cassette tapes at age 10. At the time heavily influenced by greats like 2pac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G, N.W.A, LL cool J, Run DMC, Snoop Dogg and more. Using music as a coping mechanism to overcome early signs of depression and anxiety he used music asa n outlet to escape his surroundings.

        After run ins with local law enforcement he was forced to grow up quick and find a different way to express his anger and emotions. In his late teenage years he began to write and record his own material touching on life events and things that he had seen and been through, just the everyday struggle. After high scool he was involved in the local music scent but never really took music seriously, it was just something to be a part of and a way to cope with hiss issues. After the tragic passing of his son in October 2005 he began to take music more seriously and really decided to pursue music fully. But along the way there were several roadblocks and obstacles in the way that derailed his progress drastically. After releasing several projects between 2008-2014 the end seemed to be creeping up fast.